Saturday, October 8, 2011

A New Addition & Fall Beach Trip

Three weeks ago - the day we met Woody.

Chloe has been pretty good with Woody, but she does not want to share her new water bottle toy that Mommie & Daddy brought her back from the beach.

Hard to get a photo of him because he is rarely still. This is his windblown look. He had been running and his ears are stuck backwards.

Alex taming the dino at Broadway at the Beach
Alex loves his Daddy

Entranced by the speed boat on the Lagoon

In the elevator - heading out for his first sunrise ever!

On the walkway - cheesing!- So excited.

My boy and the beautiful sunrise.
Thank you Lord, for my son and this beautiful world that you created.

Mommie & Alex at Broadway at the Beach. Daddy wouldn't play along.

Precious hands of my precious boy.

Learning to boogey board.

Our house has been a little quiet and lonely (for Chloe) since we lost our sweet PJ. Tim agreed that we could get a new Boxer puppy. After searching the internet, losing "dibs" on one that I really wanted, and calling several people, we found our new addition. He is a brindle boy who Alex named Woody. You can guess where that came from!

Chloe is doing as well as expected with Woody. We picked him up on the way home from the beach and he cried all the way home! He is so sweet and a cuddle bug. He has his first vet check-up yesterday afternoon and he weighed 18.2 pounds! My biceps are killing me from toting him around. We are working on training him to walk on leash and he is doing well with the "sit command. We took him to the park today and everyone had a fit over him. He sleeps cuddled up to his Mommie and Chloe sleeps on the other side, cuddled up to Daddy.

We had a great time at Myrtle Beach. Alex got to experience his first sunrise and he made almost every one after that! No rest on vacation with Alex! We saw dolphins almost every day from our balcony. He played in the ocean, made sandcastles, practiced swimming in his swimmies and fell in love with the "hot bathtub." While in that hot bathtub, Ales asked me, Mommie, am I your precious boy? Yes, baby, you always will be - forever.

Alex and Daddy rode rides at Broadway while Mommie enjoyed relaxing by the lagoon. He really likes the little speedboat that runs on the lagoon. Maybe he can ride when we go back in June.

Alex had his evaluation in K4 and he is doing really well. We make sure that he does his homework each day and he enjoys learning. He didn't even complain about doing his homework while on vacation.

We are looking forward to fall, cooler weather, and Alex's birthday coming up. We are going to do a party at school and then we are going to do something as a family on his actual birthday. I think he wants to go to Riverbanks Zoo.

Enjoy the photos.

Love to you all,
R & T & A

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