Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving and Christmas Decorations

Alex's tree

This is how we found Sasha the Elf this morning

One morning, we found Sasha posting on his blog

Sasha got into the bandaids!

More info on Sasha below.

Main Christmas tree and mantle with stockings.

Notice Sasha the Elf on the mantle.

Main tree

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family at Yoder's in Abbeville. We enjoyed seeing Aunt Lynn, Uncle Josh, cousins Kayla, Cassie, Connor and John Collin, Granny Carolyn and Papa. The food was wonderful as always and Alex and John Collin enjoyed watching the fish in the inside "stream."

I was sick all Thanksgiving weekend and did not leave the house after lunch and shopping for a few ornaments for Alex's tree. Tim was able to get the decorations completed - thank goodness. One tree has Tim's Hallmark Star Trek ornaments and the other is our main tree that sits beside the fireplace. We used the Star Trek tree for Alex this year and it has child-like ornaments and a Santa Hat topper and Santa suit skirt. Alex has been really good with the trees, so we will probably put one in his room next year. He says he never had a Christmas tree at the Baby House. He was really excited when we were decorating it and was dancing around and singing Christmas tree!

We have an Elf, Sasha, who appeared on the day after Thanksgiving and he reports to Santa each night. He turns up in a different place every morning. He even has a blog where he blogs about Alex and his antics. The blog can be found at:

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season. We have so many plans. This weekend, we will go to Connie Maxwell Children's Home to view their Live Nativity, Biblical town, and ride in a horse drawn wagon to see their Christmas light display. Sunday is Greenwood's Christmas parade and I would like to take Alex to visit Santa at the mall on Saturday or Sunday. There is so much we want to share with our son!
Love to all,
R & T & A


Conethia and Jim Bob said...

I checked out Sasha's blog. What an awesome idea!! I may need to invite one of Sasha's friends to spend the holidays with us!!! Beautiful decorations. Praying you and your little one have a great first Christmas together. Take tons of photos!!!

Corrie said...

Hi Tim and Rita,
I just retraced the steps I took a few weeks ago, and ended back up on your site. I just had to comment to share with you that your blog is the reason we found Vika. After much prayer, research, and talking, we have committed to little Vika, and Lord-willing she will be coming home very soon. She was transferred out of the baby house, but not into an institution but into an orphanage for older kids. I have been in contact with a missionary who works at this orphanage, and she has been able to see her and send us an update on her. We are so excited to start this process, and see God's work through all of this. We are not too far from South Carolina, and often travel that way to visit family. Maybe you could contact me sometime via email so that we can share. (We are in Georgia).