Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dossier Submission Date

Just read an email from our facilitator, Valentina and our submission date is Nov. 23, 2009. After the submission, the SDA (Ukraine Gov't. Adoption Office) has 20 days to approve or deny. I am not sure if this is 20 days or 20 working days. I will check with Cathy and update when I do find out.

I know that the SDA closes during the holidays, so we are probably facing travelling in January 2010. This is a little disappointing because we will have to go through Christmas again without our child and we will have to re-do a good amount of paperwork. I will check all of the paperwork next week to see what will have to be re-done and re-aposstilled.

Advice to those adopting from Ukraine: be prepared to have some paperwork done 2-4 times, and be careful when you remove money from any retirement accounts if you are counting on your adoption tax credit to cover the taxes owed on the money removed from those accounts.

At least we have a submission date and more time to save extra money for the trip!

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Conethia and Jim Bob said...

I know you hate having another christmas without your baby. We waited two holidays without ours. The 20 days is 20 Ukrainian working days, including them taking 4 day weekends every other week, etc. etc. Don't get in a rush. They like to take their time. Good luck.