Monday, December 1, 2008

Social Worker Chosen & New Requirements

Not much to report. We have decided on a Social Worker for the Home Study. We will be using Teresa Smith of SC Adoption Home Studies. We had narrowed down to two and even though there is another person who lives closer and cost a little less, we feel good about Teresa and after prayer, we decided to go with her. I have just emailed her and hope to receive a packet from her soon so that we can get to work obtaining all of the necessary paperwork.

I received conformation from our Adoption Advisor, Cathy Harris today. There have been some changes in the Ukraine, effective today. We have to have additional copies of some of the required documents and now a deed to our home that shows how many bedrooms and total square footage. I am not sure this is on the deed, but we will get that information from the tax records and include, as well as a photo of the home and the room for the child(ren.)

Keep the prayers coming!

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